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Garden Hose Sprinkler

Customized to Your Preferences

Rain Rite Service has installed hundreds of irrigation systems over the years and have received sincere compliments about our installed irrigation systems from just as many, if not more, homeowners in the Portland metro area. With that much experience under our belt, and by being a company specialized in only irrigation services, it would make sense that we provide very competitive pricing because we have the expertise to operate more efficiently than most any other company in the area.

Lawn Sprinkler Abstract

It’s All in the Details

With the clay soil and heavy rains in the Pacific Northwest, drainage a big issue that homeowners have to think about in order to keep yards being used the way they were supposed to be designed, landscapes looking fresh and healthy year round, and to prevent structural damage to structural foundations. At Rain Rite, we address drainage problems for many homeowners in the Portland area every year and use many different techniques to combat these problems.


Efficient. Reliable. Exceptional Service.

Sprinkler System Repair

Rain Rite Service’s irrigation technicians have more than 10 years of experience diagnosing and fixing problems with irrigation systems in the Portland area; there is nothing that we have not seen before and absolutely nothing that we cannot repair. We have experience repairing any sprinkler systems brand (Rain Bird, Hunter, Toro, Irritrol, et cetera), and our irrigation service trucks comes stocked with just about every necessary part to repair any common sprinkler problem.

Flower Garden

Customized to Your Preferences

Drip Systems Installation

Besides from a sprinkler system, many homeowners will elect to have a drip system installed for the landscape. A drip irrigation system can have many advantages. Other than the fact that they are generally cheaper and easier to install, a drip irrigation system can conserve valuable water by providing the amount of water required directly to plants in the form of water “drips” (hence the name). Other than the fact that it can be more environmentally (and cost) friendly, drip systems can decrease the amount of weeds around your plants because there will be less moisture in the soil for weed growth.

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